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Egg + Pita = Delicous and Nutritious

• Spray a little cooking spray into a small pan. I use Pam Olive Oil with 0 cals per 1/5 second spray.
• Add either one whole egg or egg whites and season to taste. I use pepper, garlic powder (not salt because I'm trying to limit my intake), thyme, and oregano.
• Break the yolk and lightly swirl into the surrounding white. I like this step because the end result is a even distribution of whites and yolk flavors throughout my sandwich.
• Slowly tilt the pan to make sure the egg covers the bottom of the pan in a nice even circle. Again, this is for aesthetics.
• When the edges are bubbling up from the pan, flip the egg so the top side can be thoroughly cooked.
• Spread a small line of your favorite mustard (much fewer calories than mayo or butter) on your grain of choice. I use Joseph whole grain pita bread because it's only 60 calories and 4 grams of fiber for a 6in pita.
• Sprinkle on chopped cilantro or spinach.
• Add egg, fold, and enjoy!

Info for 1 large egg (with yolk), Joseph pita, cilantro, and horseradish sauce:

Calories: 152
Fat: 8
Carbs: 12
Protein: 13
Fiber: 5

This has a bit of fat in it, but it's still a good breakfast/snack if the rest of your diet is low in fat. Holy-Cow Energy!

Info for 2 large egg whites, Joseph pita, cilantro, and horseradish sauce:
Calories: 108
Fat: 3
Carbs: 12
Protein: 14
Fiber: 5
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