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This sandwich gives the satisfaction of a good, fatty BLT, but without the guilt. We're getting fiber, healthy fat, and nutritious vegetables.

2 slices of whole wheat toast
1/3 of an avocado (go ahead, treat yourself)
Several large slices of tomato
A good handful of spinach (It's so good for you)

I grind the pepper grinder over the avocado after I spread it on the toast. It just gives the sandwich even more flavor.

Total Cals: 296
Fat: 13
Sat: 2
Poly: 2
Mono: 8
Carbs: 41
Fiber: 9
Protein: 9

Made with bacon, mayo, and lettuce instead of spinach:

Total cals: 667
Fat: 43
Sat: 14
Poly: 8
Mono: 19
Carbs: 38
Fiber: 6
Protein: 34

Add a cup of broth-based soup with more veggies and you've got a great lunch.
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mmmmmmm I love avocado!
Isn't it wonderful? :) If you have any other avocado recipes, let me know. Right now I'm stuck on using it as a spread, but I'd love to hear of any cooked dishes.
Being vegan, this recipe interests me lots. :)
What cal bread you use? I try not to eat bread, altho if I was going to make this, there's a low cal bread I use thats 50 cal a slice...so 100 for the bread.

I buy Brownberry breads, almost exclusively. They're about 100cals a slice, so pretty high. I figure that it's worth it though, because it's such a good bread. This recipe was made with their German Dark Wheat: http://brownberry.gwbakeries.com/product.cfm/upc/7341011780

If I'm really watching the carb intake, I use Thomas Light English Muffins or Joseph Pita Bread.

I wonder if you couldn't modify this recipe to work with soycrisps? Anything that can contribute a grain-like crunch. Or use a few croutons and/or add in some vegan imitation bacon and toss as a salad.
Same here. This sandwich sounds too yummy.