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3hundredorless's Journal

A place to share recipes that are 300 or less
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Welcome to three-hundred or less!

I'm going to say this right now: YES I DO SCAN MEMBERS BEFORE I ADD. IF YOUR JOURNAL HAS ANYTHING, I REPEAT, ANYTHING TO DO WITH EATING DISORDERS SUCH AS PRO-ANA/MIA, THISPIRATION PICTURES, EXTREAM DIETING OR MARY-KATE OLSEN (IN THE NEGATIVE MEANING) YOU WILL NOT BE ADDED. This place is for people who want to be healthy, not slowly kill themselves. I also check current members from time to time and if you start to go down that road I kick you out.

RULES -> Please read them because if you don't follow them you will be banned.
- This community is about sharing recipes that are three-hundred calories or less. You can also ask about healthy alternatives and as well as general nutrition information.
- DO NOT POST WEIGHT-LOSS GOALS! There are TONES of ED communities where you can do this. We are NOT an ED community; this is a healthy lifestyle community. All posts will be moderated to be sure of this. YOU WILL BE BANNED IF YOU BREAK THIS RULE.
- DO NOT promote other communities.
- Be nice to other members.
- I'm not the best speller in the world, but if I can't understand what you wrote I may get you to write it again. Also, please make sure what your posting is correct/logical. If you go over 300 by about 5 calories, don't freak. Also, if your every second post is "What is the caloric amount in this food", without taking the time to look it up you'll be banned.
- Please be patient for posts to show up; I do have a life outside of LJ. ;)
- YOUR POSTS MUST BE FRIENDS ONLY. This is to prevent random trolls and crazy ED people from bashing/promoting.

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